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A Little Twin Cities, A Lotta Minnesota


A Little Twin Cities, A Lotta Minnesota.
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_!# This is a community for those in the Mankato, Minnesota area to come and meet other people. What better way to meet new, and fun people than to find people who live in the exact same town as you. (Duhr~!)

_!# Alright, like any community, it will have rules. Now, I am very strict when it comes to my rules. If I see you disobeying my rules I will quickly, and swiftly, delete you from ever being able to post in this Livejournal Community again.


  • No off the wall swearing. I'm not totally against swearing but, by God, it makes you look moronic if you're all potty-mouth.
  • No disrespecting. It's rude and inconciderate.
  • No making porn/sex dates/whatever. If you wanna do that, make your plans in an instant message. Don't include my community.
  • Feel free to link us. The more, the merrier.
  • No rule against egotism; show off your work if you'd like. (lj cut, please)
  • You Must Be a Memember!
  • Have a good time.

Might seem stupid, but they shouldn't be hard to follow.

_!# If you have any questions, you can be sure to find me on my Livejournal at gods_debris.

More will be sure to come. Have a good time~!